Screening 19.10.2021 19:00

Acht Stunden sind kein Tag (1972/73)

Because the German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder made more than forty movies in his brief career (he died, at age thirty-seven, in 1982), it’s inevitable that some of them would slip through the cracks. One of his most elusive works is Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day, a five-part, nearly eight-hour television series that was broadcast in 1972-73 (...). It’s one of Fassbinder’s most unusual and self-revealing projects, and it defies political shibboleths of the artistic milieu of the time.

Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day, set in Cologne, is subtitled "a family series," and Fassbinder looks closely at what family life is made of: the intertwined strands of work and love. He unleashes a torrent of intimate horrors in the first five minutes of the first episode, ... The New Yorker

R: Rainer Werner Fassbinder D 1972/73


Folge 1 Jochen und Marion 19.10.2021

Folge 2 Oma und Gregor 16.11.2021

Folge 3 Franz und Ernst 08.12.2021

Folge 4 Monika und Harald 25.01.2022

Folge 5 Irmgard und Rolf 01.02.2022


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